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Shelby County Reporter
August 20, 2014

"Shelby County cities among safest in the state"
by Molly Davidson

Four Shelby County cities were named to the recently released Safe Choice Security "Safest Cities in Alabama" list, with Helena coming in as the No. 1 safest city in the state. The list of 15 cities also included Alabaster, Calera and Hoover.

"Every state has certain cities that are more dangerous than others and while we hear a lot about those cities, we rarely hear about the ones that stand out because they are much safer than the average," Safe Choice Security, a home and business security company, wrote in a blog posting about the "Safest Cities in Alabama" list. "We set about creating a listing to help you discover the safest places to live and work in Alabama."

The list rankings were determined by examining each city's population, crime index, violent crimes per every 1,000 residents and property crimes per every 1,000 residents.

Helena was listed as the safest city in Alabama. Safe Choice Security noted Helena's "strong diverse economy" and "numerous" awards, including best place to live and best place to raise kids.

"With warning sirens to alert residents of tornados and a highly trained, competent police force, it's no wonder Helena is such a safe city to reside in," the "Safest Cities in Alabama" list said.

Alabaster is listed as the seventh safest city in Alabama. Safe Choice Security highlighted the city's "highly coveted location" and high real estate values.

"Located in Shelby County, Alabaster is a diverse (city) with much to offer and a very low crime rate. It is also ideal for families," the list stated.

Calera came in tenth on the "Safest Cities in Alabama" list. Safe Choice Security noted Calera's "upscale" homes, ICE notification program, fire, rescue and police departments and senior's resources. "Low crime rates, an affluent small town feel and proximity to the big city all combine to make Calera an appealing city for relocation," the list stated.

The largest city on the "Safest Cities in Alabama" list, Hoover was ranked twelfth. Safe Choice Security cited Hoover's proximity to Birmingham, "fantastic shopping, exciting sports and solid economy" as highlights of the city.

"Hoover's cutting edge public safety initiatives are leading the nation, with investment in saving the environment while keeping residents safe," the list said.

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